About Us


Does Berg Furniture sell directly to consumers?

No, we don't sell directly to consumers. Our fine furniture is sold only through carefully selected specialty retail stores. To locate the store nearest you, please submit your information through our Dealer Locator.

Can you provide me with product availability or retail pricing?

All Berg Furniture products are produced and shipped from the Berg Furniture facility in New Jersey usually within 2 weeks. For more information contact your local Dealer. Berg Furniture sells to authorized dealers only, to obtain pricing information please contact your local dealer.

What size mattress should I use on Berg beds?

UPPER BEDS & TRUNDLES - Mattress should not exceed 7" thick.
Note: Play & Study units can support mattresses up to 9" thick.

LOWER BEDS - Mattresses can be any height, keeping in mind that the thicker the mattress, the less head-room space there will be.

What warranty does Berg Furniture provide?

A one-year warranty on any manufacturing defect (normal use). The warranty does not cover accidents, negligence or misuse.

Who do I contact if I have a problem with a Berg Furniture item?

Whether or not the warranty is in effect, the retailer who sold you the furniture handles after-sales service. We supply retailers with parts needed for repairs.

What are Berg Furniture products made out of?

Our products are made from engineered wood and finished with a durable laminate. Engineered wood provides consistant and uniform strength. It is highly resistant to warping, cracking, and splitting and can maintain its beautiful color for many years. In addition to being great for construction using engineered wood also has environmental benefits.

Why did we decide to discontinue our cribs?

Nursery furniture, as a category, has gone through many changes during the last few years. From being a special and unique category it has become a commodity sold at large by big-box retailers. The business has shifted from local factories, experts in wood products, to international factories with lower overhead costs. These lower-priced products, and often lower quality, came to dominate the market and the competition became vicious. This change was not always serving the public's best interest. It was too often that consumers discovered that they traded safety and quality for a lower price.

A quality product, as we view it, is also a safer product. Since we were not willing to compromise the quality of our cribs, a decision was made to phase out this category. In fact, we have decided to sell only the products which can be produced in our NJ factory. As parents ourselves, we did not want to be part of a business that put the profit of the company above all. As you have noticed many cribs have been recalled. The pressure to provide low cost cribs pushed many importers to compromise and substitute expensive but reliable hardware with cheap ones. The government, frustrated with too many complaints and being unable to cope with specific products and individual importers, decided to ban ALL drop gate cribs, good & bad.

I have a convertible crib, but you don't have any conversion rails left in stock. What can I do?

Although we are out of conversion rails, our cribs were designed to work standard full-size metal frames. These should be available for purchase online or at your local mattress/bed dealer.

I bought a standard metal frame, but the frame isn't wide enough!

With some cribs, the footboard and headboard might be about an inch or two wider than a standard full-size frame. If this is the case, we have extention brackets available for purchase. Please contact us to get a hold of these parts.

What if I have other questions?

You can reach us by visiting our Contact Us section on this website and submit your question.