Why Buy Berg?

Our Mission Statement

Since 1984 Berg has been designing and producing innovative children's furniture. Throughout the years many of the designs, styles, and collections have changed but the heart behind the products remained the same. We know that the environment around us is affecting our lives. We know that a growing child will develop into a better person, if he or she will be surrounded by loving people and a supportive environment. Many of our products are designed in light of that concept!

We call it Smart Bedroom Systems.

We manufacture products that make children feel excited and happy. We design bedrooms that help children be organized, make them feel cozy and provide them with a place to socialize with friends and family. Our products encourage creativity and curiosity, this is the true value that every parent is looking for when they buy products for their kids. When making the kids happy, we are making the parents happy. This is not theory, but fact. We at Berg are confident that our products will provide your children with a great environment in which to grow-up and develop.